by Martina & TiffanyWinter

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for the past month now.  I literally had half of it written, which you see below, and then I was just like whatever….I need a break. Soooo I took one. A long one. I’m sorry.  But anyway, here it is!


There are times when we have so many things to accomplish and we end up pulling an all-nighter. This is when exhaustion sets in and hilarity ensues. Last weekend was the busiest weekend we’ve had in some time. We ended up with wedding cake, A wedding cake tier on top of 200 cupcakes,  a groomsmen cake, two birthday cakes, aaaannnnnddddd another wedding cake. On top of all that we also had two cakes for the 240th birthday of the Marines and a cake tasting that requires 7 small tasting cakes. Like I said, it was busy. My mom and I do all of this on our own and we don’t have staff to help with all the work, but we love everything we do, even when it’s an all-nighter weekend. Anyway, I digress. Those are weekends that burn into our memories because we are quit the pair when exhausted. I’ll give you a rundown of what happened. In order to confuse the shit out of all of you, know that this timeline goes backwards.

The early hours of morning after an all-nighter that hasn’t yet finished

Me: *standing in the middle of the kitchen staring aimlessly out the door*
Mom: Tiff…what are you doing?
Me: *look at her straight faced* it’s light outside
Mom: Ehhhh okay *looks towards the sliding glass door* OMG it IS… WHAT TIME IS IT?
Me: Geez calm down it’s like 6am
Mom: wtf really?

Earlier around 3am

Me: *walk into the pantry to get something and start talking in gibberish thinking i’m actually saying words*
Mom: what?
Me: *again with the gibberish thinking i’m actually saying shit*
Mom: Tiffany I don’t understand what your saying *sounding annoyed*
Me: *throws hands up* EXACTLY!!!!
Mom: *starts laughing hysterically*
For a good 10 minutes we were cracking up.

 around 1am

Me: mama, do you wanna listen to Eminem?
Mom: sure
Me: okay… *grabs ipod and hit play*
Both: immediately start rapping horribly

around 12am

Me: I think it’s time for Big Sean
Mom: ooohhhh the “I don’t fuck with you” song? I love that song.
Me: yup, me too *grabs ipod, hits play*

Random Mom quotes that had us laughing so hard we started crying a little:

  • Mom: yeah…. don’t do that. You know wax peels off on crayons….. *i stare at her confused* eeeehhhh ok LOL
  • Mom: I’m not my mothers child!!!1 *I stare at her confused* uhhh yeah you are… mom: you know what I meant!
  • random moment in the kitchen – Mom: You know who’s crazy? Me: who? Mom: you’re looking at her! Me: *puzzled expression then laughing*, Mom: I mean I’m looking at her! Damnit, why do you do that to me!!!! Me: I didn’t do it! You did that to yourself.
  • Mom: Are you talking? I can hear you talking with your brain. Me: *immediately start laughing uncontrollably.


You’re welcome America

More kitchen antics to come

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